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Soapstones are durable, heat-resistant and have a high heat storage capacity. They are also used as insulators for housing and electrical components, due to their durability and electrical characteristics. The aesthetic appearance along with its characteristics make it a perfect choice for your construction needs.


A chalkboard-like appearance, Black Soapstone is popular for its elegance, durability, and multi-purpose applications. The soapstone features subdued white strokes on black base fusing the vintage with the contemporary for breath taking interiors. The distinctive veins are enhanced with mineral oil application. Black Soapstone is one of the most sought after soapstones for its low maintenance qualities. It is recommended for kitchencountertops, floors, backsplashes, and accent walls in residential or commercial projects.


Soapstones have been used as cooking slabs by Native Americans for a very long time. The uses have now evolved for inlaid designs, sculptures, coasters and as traditionally used, kitchen countertops and sinks.

Black Soapstone

  • Origin


  • Finishes


  • Thickness

    2cm, 3cm

  • Color


  • Best Suited for

    Countertops, Wall Cladding, Vanity tops

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